We make use of the most advanced industrial technologies,
leveraging our time-tested skills to ensure
professional service and product quality.
All with minimal impact on the environment.

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"Proud to be part of a global movement of companies
that respect high standards of social and environmental impact."

Jacchetti is located in the heart of Como’s textile district. This proximity has fostered industrial relationships with the leading textile manufacturers, allowing us to strengthen our business and keep pace with technological developments.


From griege goods to the finished piece, with mapping of flaws and reports of laboratory tests conducted in-house. We provide the best technologies and technical skills in dyeing, printing and finishing and applied research in textiles and fashion.

Know-how, technology, constant process control, ongoing improvement.
Our formula: entrepreneurship, professionalism, technology.


We aim to be a model of sustainability for the industry, therefore, we focus a great deal of attention on creating a wholesome and safe workplace; in our processes we use only chemical products and ancillaries that are fully compliant with the most recent standards.